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According to medical studies, people who constantly experience work-related stress may be at a greater risk for stroke, anxiety and depression. This is why it’s recommended to benefit from blessings of natural, yet delighting pleasure that helps you relax and blow off some steam. The Shambala’s experts in the field of erotic massage use movements with essential oils to improve your blood flow and help you kick away the stress from your body. Your ultimate pleasure is of the utmost importance to us. At Shambala Tantric Massage Parlor we use different types of tantric massage treatments you can choose from massage services: erotic, tantric, body to body, sensual, lingam.

Each of them is a little piece of heaven, designed specifically for your pleasure. What defines our massage services? We are passionate, charismatic, nimble and discreet. And these are just a few qualities our masseuses are being chosen for. What we aim at is providing our clients with the purest form of ecstasy, both in their bodies and minds. A state of orgasmic euphoria is much closer than you think. If you want to try sensual massage with a difference, Shambala Tantric Massage Parlor is your way to go! Shambala Tantric Massage Parlor has been created for those who are bored with the classical body massage. Our dream has always been to design a deeply immersive collection of sensual massage sessions that will lift you out of your everyday life while being in Dubai. If you want to experience a totally new level of erotic pleasure, try out tantric massage. On top of full relaxation, the session will help you free your mind and leave you with a massive portion of positive energy. Those who are keen to explore their boundaries should try a body-to-body massage. The masseuse will use not only hands, but also other parts of the body, so that you get more pleasure from the massage. If you are ready to discover your hidden fantasies,  you may consider choosing lingam. This is a bit similar to tantric massage, however, its bring you deeper in passion and alluring, provocative journey. The choice is yours – we are inviting you to treat yourself to one of our sensual services.

Male practices Dubai

Male practices

Tantric massage is a unique sensual experience that reconnects the body and mind. It offers you a full-body relaxation and releases the energy that you haven’t even known was there. Not only are our masseuses experts in their art, they are also breathtakingly beautiful. They use various techniques, including Thai and Spanish ones with elements of bioenergetic. The interplay of senses is deep and engaging. It enables you to explore your physical boundaries and open to full body orgasmic pleasure. All you need to do is relax and let our masseuse’s hands do their amazing and sensual magic.

Sensual massage Dubai

Sensual massage

Comfort, pleasure and relaxation – this is how sensual massage is described most often. If you want to enter a stress-free world of indulgence and increase your dopamine at the same time, sensual massage will deeply pamper you. The massage services is sensual and pleasant and extremely relaxing. Feeling tense? Choose sensual massage, close your eyes and turn off your mind.

Erotic massage Dubai

Erotic massage

If you need to experience something more powerful than sensual massage, you may consider erotic massage. It’s extremely intimate and exciting, however, the movements and subtle and gentle. Your fantasies are maximized thanks to a stunning naked masseuse who with her skill and touch will awake every inch of your bare naked skin. The stresses of your daily life will be quickly washed away so that you can indulge in pure delight. After the erotic massage services session, you feel energized and refreshed.


Massage Lingam Dubai

Massage Lingam

Experiencing Lingam massage might be the highest level of erotic satisfaction. It’s stroking, cupping and trailing your most intimate area. According to Indian myths, ‘lingam’ is a symbol of active masculine energy. Lingam massage provides you with a unique, satisfying experience with massive amounts of sexual pleasure. The goal of Lingam massage is not necessarily orgasm but it’s the perfect bonus of this extraordinary session.




We choose the best option for the realization of your desires.


The atmosphere at Shambala is sensual and arousing.


Each session is carefully prepared for the moment of guests’ reception.


We only hire masseuses who are experienced, talented and beautiful.


Our masseuses are professionals who use massage techniques combined with erotic elements.


Our masseuses are constantly improving their skills.


Each type of massage services can be adjusted to your individual needs.


We only use natural oils and candles so you are fully safe with us.