Tantra massage is a unique sensual experience that reconnects the body and mind. It offers you a full body relaxation and releases the energy that you haven’t even known was there. It enables you to explore your physical boundaries and open to full- body orgasmic pleasure.

Tantric massage is much more than just a sensual massage. It’s a way to discover your deepest emotions and explore your wildest fantasies. The massage empowers your spiritual energy, even in the most special zones of your body. During the tantric massage, the energy of yin and yang is flowing out from one body to another, awakening your senses and relaxing you at the same time.

It enables you to realize the full potential of sensual pleasure you can get. Our amazing masseuses will make your feelings aggravated to the limit but your muscles will be relaxed all the time. During the tantric massage, you can totally forget about your worries and cares. The potential of your body is waiting to be aroused and our girls are experts in releasing energy that brings the greatest pleasure. Our tantric massage is an erotic session with different techniques of stroking and caressing your body, then calming you and arousing again in equal measure. At Shambala Tantric Massage Parlor you will be able to experience touch in a more meaningful way. Aiding your spiritual recovery is waiting for you – make sure you won’t miss out on it!

Tantra massage in Dubai

Tantra massage can be called dynamic meditation, body-oriented technique, and technique of interaction with a partner. It’s all about revealing sensuality and sensitivity. When we do massage, the maximum part of our attention is directed to research, to interaction with a partner. This is a very powerful experience. During the massage, we give our partner an amount of attention that you rarely get in everyday life.

There is no need to separate sexual and life energy – it is one. We comprehend ourselves, our inner world, feelings … Everyone does it in his own way. Someone directs energy to social projects, someone – to health improvement, someone – to the secrets of their body. Not always and not everyone succeeds. This is normal. Tantra is not a magic wand, but a tool for developing awareness, which takes a long time to learn.

During conscious touching, bodily contact, especially if a person is ready to connect with his body himself, such experiences and questions may arise that we do not pay attention to in ordinary life. They can not only manifest, but also transform.

Tantra massage differs from ordinary with awareness and love. Tantric massage usually involves partners with an established relationship. And every touch, every movement is filled with love.

These sensations are fundamentally different from what we experience with a regular massage. It is important that three rules for working with the body are followed: maximum attention, maximum slow pace and maximum sensitivity. In addition, you need a certain atmosphere to help you relax.

Through relaxation and peace of the body, we tune in to certain vibrations and begin to hear the world and ourselves more subtly.

When tuning in before a tantra spirit massage Dubai, it is important to switch as much as possible from the thought processes of the head to the bodily perception. To do this, you can perform mini-rituals to interact with nature, take a shower or a bath and get ready for a massage. The more you free your body and mind from the hustle and bustle, the deeper, more interesting and intense the interaction and impact will be.

The task of Dubai massage tantra

In tantra massage there is a part aimed at working with erogenous zones – with the sacred parts of our body, in which certain emotions, strong feelings and a large amount of energy are “sewn up”. By interacting with these areas of our partner, in addition to unusual sensations and divine pleasure, we help to relax small tightness that we rarely pay attention to. After such a tantra massage, people feel totally rested or globally filled and ready to reach new heights.

How to Prepare for a Tantra Massage

It is best when partners tune in separately. You can take a break from communication for a few days and get ready, each being in his own energy. Then both the meeting and the tantra massage itself will be unforgettable, bright and joyful.

There is a lot of information available today, however, it is important to remember that this will always be an experiment that can bring very unusual emotions and reactions. And here it is very important to trust between partners, to articulate the elements, their desires.

At the beginning of the massage Dubai tantra, it is good to meditate together – to sit opposite each other and, looking into the eyes, breathe softly. This can be called “meeting again”. You can touch your partner, confirming your presence and interest.

And the tantra massage itself can be started with the legs, buttocks, back, or in reverse order – trust your feelings. Then the partner rolls over, and attention goes to the chest, abdomen and front of the legs. After that – erogenous zones. The process ends with a light head massage.

I recommend using movements that are slow, continuous, but at the same time quite dense at the beginning and soft, gentle in the final part of the massage.

You need to go into the practice of tantra when there is agreement between people, there is a union. It is important that a couple has spiritual closeness, then new facets can be explored.

Tantra Dubai massage: practice for two The

art of tantra is a sacred world, to enter which you need a competent guide – a guru. However, you can feel the positive influence of some tantric practices and principles on yourself without deep study at first. Although, after a while, you will probably want to dive deeper into this world, when you feel the positive influence of the practices and deep spiritual liberation.

Tantra can be practiced every day. Most of the practices are designed to work with a partner, but there are also for independent implementation.

Massage tantra Dubai practice for two

The main thing is to remove constraint, clamps and unnecessary distracting thoughts. Create the atmosphere you want. It is important that for two this must be a mutual desire, otherwise tantra will not give any result.

  1. Sit opposite each other and look into each other’s eyes. Enjoy the company and the contemplation of each other, which we do so rarely in ordinary life. For a few minutes, the more the better, sit in this position, looking into the eyes of your partner. Without words. The main thing is that everything happens naturally and without violence. When you feel that it is time to stop, move on to the next practice. This is a very good exercise for convergence and acceptance, it is necessary at the beginning of the practice.
  2. Greetings. The namaste gesture and bow is an important element of the greeting. He talks about respect for the inner world of another person and readiness for pair interaction. At this moment the male and female energies are activated.
  3. Transition to pair meditation. The most important thing in this process is the exchange of emotions and the sharing of the moment.
  4. There is a strong posture that energizes each of the participants and pleases everyone who performs it – this is sitting back to back, tightly touching. In this position, the rhythm of the heartbeat and breathing is transmitted, the energy fields of the partners come to harmony. In this position, it is worth sitting for a few minutes every day to harmonize the couple.
  5. Massage with different parts of the body. Don’t be afraid to turn on your fantasy. It can be light stroking or strong stimulation. the process can take any time. Can be done with closed eyes.
  6. A strong energy exercise that works for acceptance. The woman lies on her back, and the man gently and slowly runs his hands over all parts of her body, as if sculpting it.

There are several more effective exercises that originate from tantra and are recommended by family psychologists. These are fairly simple exercises that don’t have that sexual connotation, but work really well for bonding.

  • The man lies on his back with his legs joined together. The woman lies on top and relaxes as much as possible, as if “flowing” into the man’s body. The woman’s legs are somewhat apart, lying on the sides of the man’s legs. Optionally, you can rest your head on your partner’s shoulder. In this position, you need to lie for a few minutes. Pay attention to your partner’s breathing and heartbeat, how each part of your body touches and interacts, and the power of fusion.
  • The same needs to be done, only the woman should be on the bottom, lying on her back. The man lies down on top and relaxes, his legs to the sides of the woman’s legs. At first, this may seem unusual and even have concerns about the heaviness of the partner’s weight, but in fact, discomfort should not arise, but only on condition that the man relaxes as much as possible. In this case, the weight is evenly distributed over the partner’s body. Women feel good under the weight of their partner, discovering new facets of acceptance and awakening a sense of security, which they then carry into life.
  • Pose “kalachik”. Also, alternately one partner lies on his side, and the second is tightly pressed against him from behind. Both should concentrate on each other’s breathing and touch, as well as on the sensations in the body that arise when interacting with a partner. You also need to lie in this position for several minutes.

Philosophy of Tantra for Every Day The

The positive influence of tantra can be felt not only in pair practices and meditations. By using the philosophy of Tantric Buddhism in everyday life, you can greatly increase the level of joy and bliss from life. What are the main secrets of this philosophy?

Be in the moment and feel every action to the fullest. “When you eat, eat” – Shunryu Suzuki. Focus on how you feel at every moment. Feel the texture of the fabric when you change clothes, the taste and texture of the coffee when you drink it, the temperature of the air with your skin when you go outside.

Touch other people. Add as much tactile interaction as possible. Watch how your body reacts to different touches. Add as much tactile sensation to your life as possible.

Tantra is an ancient teaching given to us for knowing ourselves and this world. It is up to you to decide how and to what extent you should try on these practices. You can become a part of the school, you can find a guru, you can try some elements on your own. The main thing is to be happy in this moment.

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