Enter a stress-free world of indulgence and increase your dopamine at the same time – Sensual massage will deeply pamper you. The massage is sensual and pleasurable and extremely relaxing. Feeling tense? Choose Sensual massage, close your eyes and turn off your mind.

Tension and anxiety are negative emotions men deal with every day. This is why we need to release them during a professional massage. Sensual massage at Shambala Parlor is an energy boost that positively affects your health, both physical and emotional. Sensual massage increases dopamine in your brain and improves blood circulation. It’s carried out by sweet, experienced masseuses so you are in good hands.

Sensual massage for men is a perfect blend of sensual stimulation and relaxation. Our beautiful masseuses will take care of all sensual zones of your body so that your sexual energy will rise. You will feel relaxed, yet wide awake. Sensual erotic massage at Shambala is an intense full-body bliss for your ultimate stress-melting satisfaction.

What is sensual massage in Dubai

Sensual massage is performed to arouse sexual desire with a certain effect on the erogenous zones. With the help of any kind of sensual massage, you can revive the world of pleasures and fantastic feelings thanks to the receptors of your body. So that sex does not lose its attractiveness, you can try to diversify it with erotic or tantric massage. Such massage will allow you to open the world of previously unknown sensations and touches and return the former joy of physical communication on a new level.

When performing a sensual massage in Dubai, partners need to remember that much depends on the ability to create the right mood. However, mood can change quite quickly, and partners should be able to determine this. Some people succeed in this by the reaction of the partner. Therefore, in order to effectively perform sensual massage in Dubai, it is necessary to have some knowledge of some of the reactions that are characteristic of both women and men.

For example, the fact that most women are sensitive in the genital area, (especially the clitoris is exposed to arousal), does not mean at all that all women react at least approximately the same to orgasm and emotions leading to orgasm. Women are also divided according to many other characteristics and characteristics. Their character goes back to their origin, studied properties or acquired abilities. Intelligence is the most important factor in successful sexual development.

Women are less strictly programmed for certain types of specific stimuli than men, but when they notice that something similar affects a man, they take care to program it into their own reactions. Thanks to this ability, they are more flexible, more inclined to experiment. If women sometimes seem to be insufficiently active, the reason for this, as a rule, is the fear of doing something wrong – for example, touching the partner’s penis at the very moment when he is trying not to ejaculate. If the partner noticed that the partner is at a loss, you need to tell her what to do.

The basis of any sensual massage is tenderness. In his techniques, awkwardness, a lack of an atmosphere of kindness, attention and affection, dryness and lack of warmth in human contacts are excluded. Sensual massage manifests itself in the nature of mutual touch. The basis of tenderness is a constant awareness of what the partner feels, as well as the knowledge and skill of how to strengthen these feelings with softness, tenderness or deliberate rudeness, slow, slow or fast movements, etc. all this follows exclusively from the internal mutual understanding of the partners.

Women, like men, have direct physical reactions, but they are of a different nature and, more often than not, do not tolerate short circuits. They, as well as men, are turned on by nudity, eroticism and the like. The difference is probably what they think about every little thing.

Inexperienced women and men can be awkward by nature. They are either in a hurry, or they are embarrassed by something, or they are so because of lack of sensitivity to the way, reception, which the partner of the opposite sex feels reality. Generally, men’s skin is coarser than women’s. therefore, in any conditions, while performing a sensual massage, you should not roughly touch the female breast, vagina with your fingers, treat the skin hard, etc. Most often, women react to very soft, rather than strong stimulation. If you lightly touch the pubic hair or just the scalp of the skin, then the effect will be much greater than if you rake them with your whole hand. – on the other hand, one should not be overly fearful. Man is not made of glass.

The Methods sensual massage hand and lips that men like so much are very diverse. Some like hard, and others extremely light stimulation, while others like the middle ground. How can a woman know this if she does not ask a man, and he does not tell her? Therefore, the partner must express his wishes in order to avoid getting the exact opposite.

Since all women are more different from men than all men are from women, the sexual differences between women are likely to be greater than between men. The reason is the great complexity of their sexual apparatus in the chest, skin, vagina, etc. therefore, with each partner, a man should learn again. The same applies, though perhaps not to the same extent, for a woman when she meets a new man.

While massaging, some women do not use enough pressure, especially when using their hands, although it is the small differences in the pressure that are especially exciting. The in Dubai sensual massage should be started very gently, making full use of the skin surface, and gradually increase the partner’s arousal. In any case, with an increase in sexual arousal, the ability to withstand arousal also increases, as a result of which even some strong patting can become a means of sexual arousal, although not for everyone. They must be stopped on time and then be especially careful and gentle.

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