Lingam massage in Dubai is everything men want. The highest level of erotic satisfaction, energy boost and a unique experience. If you fantasize about a pleasant and sensual massage that ends happily, you are in the right place.

Lingam massage is part of the Tantric massage. However, it’s more powerful and most men find it the most relaxing of all erotic massages. The Sanskrit word ‘lingam’ describes the male genitals and it is believed to be a symbol of male fertility. The main purpose of Lingam massage is to learn to control your sexual energy. This will help you achieve a more energetic life and improve your sexual potential. During Lingam erotic massage, our professional masseuses will help you generate energy and then, release it to maximize your satisfaction.

Male massage is much more than just a massage of the penis. It’s an endless pleasure that will stress you off for the rest of the day. The energy released during Lingam massage will be transformed into life energy and you’ll be able to discover new sensual and sexual heights. Ready to switch to multi-orgasmic mode?

Lingam massage is a sacred practice of the ancient Indian teachings of Tantra, which explores the endless attraction of the masculine and feminine principles as a way of knowing God. In a broad sense, the concept of “lingam” means pure all-pervading consciousness and creative renewal of life, while the literal translation of the word is a sign, symbol, phallus.

In tantric practices, male energy is similar to a lingam and manifests itself as a column of light that penetrates a woman, uniting the couple into a single whole. In order to let this energy into herself, a woman becomes soft and receptive, she follows a man, instinctively worshiping with all her being the Divine Light shining through him …

During the lingam massage, the woman gently and deeply touches the most intimate parts of the male body, his lingam, scrotum, perineum, anus. She does this with tenderness, from a state of complete acceptance and worship, and then hot, wild energy gradually awakens and spreads in his body … This is a completely new life for a man of his sexuality, powerful and warm power, which is so desirable for real women.

What other aspects are revealed through professional lingam massage in Dubai?

  • You get an experience of fantastic relaxation, when nothing needs to be proved and done. You can simply accept everything that happens and accept yourself as you are, and open up even more and enjoy the waves of energy rolling from your fingertips to the crown of your head, feel how the whole body vibrates and breathes Then over time, not only the lingam, but and every cell of your body can become feeling, orgasmic.
  • The enveloping movements during the lingam massage in Dubai by the master literally energize the entire lingam, gently awaken the testicles and perineum. More and more softening and penetrating touches to the anus and prostate, gently session after session, relieve muscle spasms, dissolving the energy blocked in them. This frees the man from fears and excessive control concentrated in this area, and connects him with the warm state of the inner woman, expanding his sensitivity.
  • You plunge into yourself, into the very depths of new sensations, and then negative emotions and grievances once inflicted by women can begin to surface. The loving presence of the master allows you to open up and start letting go of emotions and tension through free breathing, body movements, and sometimes tears. After that, it becomes empty and light inside – this is how your heart and soul are purified.
  • Lingam massage can be a good investment in your health for years to come. Soft flowing energy fills the entire bottom, it does not stagnate, as in normal sex, but begins to move. The body remembers the saturation of energy, the movement of flows, the enjoyment of natural relaxation. Regular lingam massage is an excellent prevention of prostatitis and inspires a man to an active lifestyle.
  • Now you can make love without ejaculation for much longer, helping your woman to gradually open up, prolonging pleasure and experiencing closeness and oneness with everything. Such sex becomes cleansing and closer to God.

Lingam massage Dubai is a stream of sensual sensations, where everything that happens is natural and amazingly beautiful.

 The master follows your state and responds to everything that happens to you. Arousal can slowly build up, turning into orgasmic, subside and reappear, ejaculation can also occur, although it is not the goal of the practice. The main thing is to release tension, feel the expansion of energy and enjoy the feeling of life throughout the body.

Are there any contraindications to Lingam massage Dubai?

As for a regular massage: diseases in an acute or severe form, chronic diseases in the acute stage, bleeding, heart failure, skin diseases (if necessary, consult your doctor).

Organizational moments Lingam massage in Dubai

The practice takes place in a cozy, relaxing environment with pleasant music, massage oil and light aromas. Elements of Tantric, Taoist, Thai massage and brush relaxation are combined into a unique meditative massage mandala. Alcohol and other potent substances should not be consumed before the session. It is advisable to empty the intestines, take a shower, and, gradually moving away from the external fuss, begin to plunge into your feelings and sensations …

The duration of the session is about 1.5 hours.

You can get acquainted with the lingam massage and feel the master at the first session in the Shambala in Dubai salon.

It is advisable to do lingam massage no more than once a week, so that you can get used to new sensations. It is important to move gradually in order to relax the body, awaken your sensuality, fill with energy and experience more and more subtle states of pleasure.

For tantric couples who are simply open to new experiences, the presence of a woman next to her man is possible. You will touch the mystery, see its beauty and depth, and, being inspired, you can bring something new into your relationship.

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