Erotic massage in Dubai is the more powerful version of Sensual massage. The movements our masseuses make are gentle and subtle, however, the massage brings you a maximum of intimacy and excitement. Erotic massage is a perfect option for those who want to leave everyday stresses behind and indulge in pure delight.

A holistic relaxation is at your fingertips – Erotic massage at Shambala Parlor is an amazing opportunity to discover your sensuality. Erotic massage ensures relaxation provided by an experienced and professional masseuse. Male erotic massage involve full nudity, it’s enhanced by natural oils and candles. Your erogenous zones are explored, but, to some point, they are also fully stimulated by the masseuse.

Erotic massage at Shambala is your luxury treat that involves many various techniques. It releases tension and stress so that you can explore a new world of satisfaction.
We provide the ultimate Erotic massage the city has to offer. You can count on the most beautiful and well-trained masseuses , who will make luxurious Erotic massage. The overall experience is unrivaled and real – our girls will make sure you’ll never forget this exceptional adventure. Sensual stroking, gentle touch and more powerful massage movements – this will disconnect you from everyday stresses and the daily routine. Get ready for the most pleasant Erotic massage in Dubai. We are waiting to fulfill your dreams.

It is very difficult for people who spend most of their time at work to deal with chronic fatigue syndrome. This problem is not only for those who work physically, because first of all we are talking about moral fatigue and, as a result, apathy to everything that happens. That is why the problem of constant fatigue cannot be ignored, and at the first sign of such apathy and loss of interest in work, you should take care of rest. And if you do not have the opportunity to go somewhere to a resort for a long period, or even set aside a few days for ordinary passive rest, you can always afford an erotic massage Dubai . Nowadays, there are many salons where such services are provided, and one of them is the Shambala in Dubai salon.

There is nothing shameful and scary in the fact that a working person wants to relax and unwind in a non-standard way. You cannot deny yourself the desired and at the same time available pleasures. During an erotic massage, the body not only relaxes, but also experiences real pleasure, and sometimes plunges into a state of euphoria. This has a positive effect on the general condition and gives strength and energy to work.

The benefits of erotic massage in Dubai

Despite the fact that many consider erotic massage to be just intimate fun, it undoubtedly has enormous benefits, including for health.

  • The main, maximum effect, erotic massage has on the nervous system, it improves and stabilizes the emotional state;
  • Erotic massage stimulates blood and lymph flow, especially in the pelvic area, which is the prevention of many diseases;
  • Erotic massage, through a relaxing effect on the central system, has a beneficial effect on the state of the muscular system and the state of the internal organs;
  • Although this massage cannot completely replace sexual relations, it can be used to regularize sexual activity, which is very important for health;
  • Erotic massage increases the sensitivity of the erogenous zones, which makes the sex life brighter;
  • With the help of erotic massage, you can fight such a phenomenon as anorgasmia – the absence of orgasms;

Erotic massage allows a person to explore, study his body, discover new and develop already known erogenous zones.

These are just the basic, key beneficial qualities of erotic massage in Dubai . The benefits of erotic massage are as multifaceted as the benefits of medical massage. The influence occurs on all human systems and organs – nervous, muscular, hormonal, on the state of internal organs, and so on.

It doesn’t matter what kind of activity you are engaged in and how tired you are, because Shambala in Dubai provides quality erotic massage services, after which you will feel refreshed not only physically, but also emotionally. We are not talking about an intimate relationship, since the salon provides exclusively massage services. But the plus of such a massage is that the client decides for himself what the massage will be and, first of all, his wishes are taken into account.

The structure of erotic massage Dubai

The optimal massage duration is 90 minutes. 60 minutes is very short, 120 minutes is the maximum duration. The massage is divided into three, approximately equal in duration, parts – the first part is “Relaxation”, the second part is “Excitement”, in the third part a person is brought to orgasm.

  1. The task of the first part of the massage is to relax the person as much as possible, that is, to completely remove this “mess in the head”. It is necessary to make sure that the person does not think about anything, neither about embarrassment, nor about problems, nor about anything at all. There is nothing erotic in the first third, just a relaxing massage.

The first thing for which a relaxing part is needed in an erotic massage is the maximum purification of consciousness for the subsequent maximum arousal. The fact is that if you just start to excite a person, you will have to impose excitement on all that “mess in the head”, and the head is not rubber, it cannot contain all emotions without restriction, and as a result, there will be excitement, but its level will not as much as possible.

A simple example: problems at work often provoke an almost complete apathy towards intimate life. We turn off the brain, remove all emotions, and then, in the purified consciousness, “pour” pure excitement.

The second, for which it is necessary to perform the relaxing part of the massage, is to help the person overcome embarrassment and fear. As I already wrote, at the first session, the massage therapist and the client are two strangers. Most people are very shy, to the point that they may refuse to perform massage at the last moment. During the first part, we make the person stop thinking about embarrassment and fear.

2. The task of the second part of the massage is to excite the person as much as possible. As you can see in the graph, arousal starts gradually and then grows faster and stronger. In this part, not only stimulating techniques and techniques are used, but imagination (fantasy) is also stimulated.

3. Third hour this is actually a massage of the intimate zone and stimulation of all possible erogenous zones and points for a person to achieve all possible types of orgasm. At home, the third part can be replaced with sex.

Procedure for performing Dubai erotic massage by body parts

We propose to build the sequence of body parts that are massaged, based on the structure of Dubai erotic massage, as well as the degree of arousal when massaging a particular part of the body.

The massage starts from the back. It is easy to justify this. Firstly, on any other part of the body, it will not be possible to cleanse a person’s consciousness as much as possible. Secondly, back massage is perceived by many as an ordinary procedure, without eroticism, so it is easier for a person to “persuade” himself to lie on the massage table, even if he is afraid and shy. Thirdly, again, about relaxation, when a person lies on his stomach, that is, hiding him, she is, as it were, “in a house,” he feels safer than when he lies on his back.

In other words, you will start erotic massage from afar, as usual, giving you the opportunity to relax, tune in and get used to you. Back massage takes up the entire first third of the erotic massage procedure.

The second, exciting part of the treatment includes a massage of the neck, head, ears, arms and legs. And exactly in this sequence.

The fact is that a head and neck massage can be pleasant, but not as arousing for both a man and a woman as, for example, a foot massage. When you move on to massaging your hands, you will use more stimulating techniques and the arousal will begin to build. This circumstance alone will contribute to a rapid build-up of excitement. Even your position during a foot massage – in front of an open intimate zone, will greatly excite both a man and a woman. The foot massage begins with the feet, so you will gradually get closer to the intimate area, which will also add excitement.

In the third part, massage of the intimate area, stimulation to orgasm, and massage of the chest and abdomen are performed.

So, first, the back is massaged, then the neck and head, then the arms, legs from the feet and up, and then the intimate zone, abdomen and chest.

It can be a relaxing erotic massage for the whole body, or for its individual parts. At the same time, various massage oils are used for completeness of sensations and complete relaxation.

Erotic massage in the Shambala salon is projected exclusively to relax and get pleasant emotions. It differs slightly from traditional sports or health massage, but is no less effective.

Massage is perhaps the best way to relax and improve your health for those whose day is scheduled by the clock, so do not deny yourself the pleasure and get a dose of erotic pleasure in the Shambala salon.

Having tried it once, you will surely come back for more, because it is an incredibly pleasant and unforgettable experience.

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