In an Contact Shambala erotic salon in Dubai, an active participant enjoys no less than a passive one, and it is quite possible that you will change roles every now and then: first, dying with tenderness, rub oil into the body of your beloved, then shudder with pleasure when he does the same procedure with you. Some people like to Contact Shambala erotic salon in Dubai alternately: first, you work on your partner’s back, after which he begins to stretch your leg muscles. However, the most pleasant thing, perhaps, is to relax your fully massaged body and lie quietly for some time, mindlessly enjoying a pleasant half-oblivion; you will take on the role of an active participant next time.

Contact Shambala erotic salon in Dubai can only be mutual. If one of the partners is constantly doing most of the work, he soon begins to feel deprived, which reduces the pleasure of both. Note that the pronouns “he” and “she” in this book are used quite by accident: Contact Shambala erotic salon in Dubai miraculously smooths out the differences between the sexes, and you will quickly see that weak female palms are quite capable of kneading the partner’s muscles stiffened from tension with the necessary strength, while strong the fingers of a man are able to acquire a devilish tenderness. Give your hands a chance!

At first, always make sure that the applied pressure is neither too strong nor too weak. Over time, when you get to know each other well enough, there will be a feeling of ease in movement. Your partner should immediately report if something in your actions is not to his liking.

By all standards, Contact Shambala erotic salon in Dubai is a pleasure, and any painful or even unpleasant sensations should be reported immediately. By transferring unpleasant moments in silence, you spoil the pleasure for both.

In Contact Shambala erotic salon in Dubai, there is a rule according to which the right to decide belongs to the person being massaged. Therefore, even if you yourself are quite sure that you have already worked hard enough on the back or any other part of the body of your beloved, but from her reaction you feel that she wants more, continue. This is what she needs most of all now. And only when you feel that she is completely satisfied, move on to provoking, playful movements, to which she is now likely to respond readily.

If some movements or touches to certain parts of the body of your beloved do not like, make her tense, treat this with understanding and do only what pleases both. Feeling safe, she will surely become more daring over time. On the other hand, if the movements of your beloved’s hands directed down your back make you shudder with pleasure, tell him that it is not at all necessary to scrupulously adhere to the recommendations set out in this book.

Start the Contact Shambala erotic salon in Dubai by rubbing the oil into your loved one’s back; with your eyes closed, feel his body, try to feel all his tense and painful areas. Also start massaging other parts of the body. You will soon be amazed at how sensitive your fingers have become.

Let the pads of the fingers, rich in sensitive nerve endings, tell where his muscles are convulsively clenched, touching which parts of the body make him tense, and which – to relax; what needs to be done in order for his body to eagerly demand: more … more …

Contact Shambala erotic salon in Dubai provides a unique chance to really closely examine the body of a loved one, to discover all the sources of physical pleasure hidden in it.

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